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Tree Care and Garden Maintenance

We offer a professional, unbiased, service to prolong tree aesthetics and functional life spans in situations where finding the balance between space, light and shade is a challenging task.

The operations we carry out to achieve this are:

  • Formative pruning – By catching a tree young and training it to grow in the desired manner you can easily maintain small to medium trees in confined spaces.
  • Crown Reductions – In situations where a tree has become too big for a garden/area a strategic reduction to regain a view, sun trap or building clearance is often the best option. In situations where there are weak unions or hazard branches the reduction of limb weight can lessen the likelihood of failure and allow trees to compensate.
  • Crown lifting – Often the easiest way to increase space and light in a garden is to raise low a canopy, this can also allow easy access for lawn mowers.
  • Crown thinning / cleaning – these are usually done in conjunction with other operations to neaten up the aesthetic look of a tree, increase dappled light and reduce wind sail. Doing these however does benefit tree structure as it removes epicormic growth and crossing branches preventing the formation of hazard limbs.
  • Dead wooding – the process of removing only the dead or dying branches within a canopy. As there are many reasons for the presence of deadwood in a tree, from the natural shading out of small inner limbs to a severe outer crown die back from a pest or disease such as Chalara dieback of Ash Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, we offer appropriate solutions based on situation.

As “Arb Approved Contractors” all our work is carried out to the British Standard for tree work (BS3998:2012) and we take great pride in leaving a site tidier than it was when we arrived and for your piece of mind we are fully insured (£10m)

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"Friendly and helpful staff. Really great to work with. Thanks guys!"


"Friendly and helpful staff. Really great to work with. Thanks guys!"

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